Python target is in beta meaning that breaking changes can happen between minor versions.

This section is specific to Python targetting, it will guide you through the process of setting up your project and using Fable with Python.

  • Run your code.

  • When targeting Python, you will want to install the Fable.Python package. It provides a set of bindings to the Python standard library, and so others common libraries.

    dotnet add package Fable.Python
  • Change the content of Program.fs to the following:

    open Fable.Python.Builtins
    let file = builtins.``open``("test.txt", OpenTextMode.Write)
    file.write("Hello World!") |> ignore

    Python bindings are early stage, so some APIs are not yet available.

    You can report missing APIs or send PR on the Fable.Python repository

  • Run Fable in watch mode

    dotnet fable watch

    If you run your node script again, you should see a new file test.txt with the content Hello World.

    Try changing the content of Hello World to something else and re-run your script.

    You should see that Fable re-compile your code and the file content changed.