The compiler that emits JavaScript you can be proud of!

Fable is an F# to JavaScript compiler powered by Babel, designed to produce readable and standard code. Try it right now in your browser!

Functional-first programming

Batteries charged

Fable supports most of the F# core library and some of most commonly used .NET APIs: collections, dates, regular expressions, string formatting, observables, async and even reflection! All of this without adding extra runtime overhead and with tree shaking compatibility so you only pay for what you get.

Cutting-edge tools

F# has first-class support across a wide range of editors for all tastes: including Visual Studio (for macOS and Windows), VS Code with Ionide, Emacs or Rider by JetBrains. All of them providing autocompletion, documentation tooltips, error checking on-the-fly, navigation and refactoring tools as well as interactive scripting.

Easy integration

Fable produces readable JavaScript code compatible with ES2015 standards, like modules, classes or iterables, so it plays very well with either native libraries like React or development tools like Webpack. Don't give up the benefits of the ecosystem just because of your language choice.

Where to go from here

Try Fable online, check the docs or visit fable-awesome for a curated list of Fable resources, join the community at FableConf or watch the Channel9 interview with Seth Juarez.

You are in good company

These are some of the projects and companies using Fable. Send us a message to include yours!