A community driven list of useful Fable tutorials, libraries and software.


Tools around Fable platform.

  • ts2fable - Fable parser for Typescript declaration files
  • Online REPL - The Fable Online REPL
  • HTML to Elmish - Convert HTML snippets into code ready to be used in Elmish apps
  • JSON to Thoth - Convert JSON to F# code with Thoth decoders.
  • Femto - Femto is a CLI tool that automatically resolves npm packages used by Fable bindings


Editors to code with F#.



Some good apps written in Fable.

  • Elmish - Find web app samples in elmish repository list.
  • SAFE Bookstore - Full stack SAFE example with support for deploying in a Docker container.
  • SAFE-Chat - IRC-style chat demo featuring full-stack F#, Akka.Streams, Akkling, Fable, Elmish, Websockets and .NET Core.
  • SAFE Nightwatch - A Demo application for React Native development in F# using Fable and the SAFE stack.
  • SAFE Confplanner - A Demo application showcasing shared behaviour of CQRS/Event-Sourcing on the backend and the Elm architecture on the frontend. Both systems communication with push-notifications via websockets.
  • tabula-rasa - Minimalistic real-worldish blogging platform, written entirely in F#, made as a learning reference for building large Elmish apps
  • SAFE TodoList - The simplest Todo app: a client-server application written entirely in F# using Elmish on the client, Suave on the server and Fable.Remoting for type-safe communication between the two.
  • Fable-Elmish-Electron-Material-UI demo - Complete boilerplate for Electron apps using Fable 2 and Elmish with hot module reloading, time-travel debugging, etc. Also demoes how to implement some non-trivial UX patterns in Elmish, as well as how to use Material-UI with JSS (styles as code).
  • Volca FM editor - A Patch editor for the Korg Volca FM made with Fable-Elmish-React which uses Web MIDI
  • fable-webmidi-sample - A simple sample for making a Web MIDI application with fable
  • fable-uploadcare - A simple React sample to use UploadCare widget
  • dexter - A minimal Pokemon search made with Fable, Feliz and Elmish. It demoes React components designed with Typesafe styling.
  • FSharp React Starter - A starter application with examples of common architecture and testing patterns.
  • F# trivia game - A trivia game written in Fable + F# Azure Functions, deployed to Azure Static Web Apps
  • Bleeter - UI for GTA 5's microblogging site built using F# + Fable, React and Tailwind CSS


Learn what this awesome thing is.

Videos and podcasts

Watch great talks about Fable


Fable templates to get up and running

Built with Fable

Production application that built with Fable