A community driven list of useful Fable tutorials, libraries and software.


Some good apps written in Fable.

  • Elmish - Find web app samples in elmish repository list.
  • SAFE Bookstore - Full stack SAFE example with support for deploying in a Docker container.
  • SAFE-Chat - IRC-style chat demo featuring full-stack F#, Akka.Streams, Akkling, Fable, Elmish, Websockets and .NET Core.
  • SAFE Nightwatch - A Demo application for React Native development in F# using Fable and the SAFE stack.
  • SAFE Confplanner - A Demo application showcasing shared behaviour of CQRS/Event-Sourcing on the backend and the Elm architecture on the frontend. Both systems communication with push-notifications via websockets.
  • tabula-rasa - Minimalistic real-worldish blogging platform, written entirely in F#, made as a learning reference for building large Elmish apps
  • SAFE TodoList - The simplest Todo app: a client-server application written entirely in F# using Elmish on the client, Suave on the server and Fable.Remoting for type-safe communication between the two.
  • Fable-Elmish-Electron-Material-UI demo - Complete boilerplate for Electron apps using Fable 2 and Elmish with hot module reloading, time-travel debugging, etc. Also demoes how to implement some non-trivial UX patterns in Elmish, as well as how to use Material-UI with JSS (styles as code).
  • Volca FM editor - A Patch editor for the Korg Volca FM made with Fable-Elmish-React which uses Web MIDI
  • fable-webmidi-sample - A simple sample for making a Web MIDI application with fable
  • fable-uploadcare - A simple React sample to use UploadCare widget
  • dexter - A minimal Pokemon search made with Fable, Feliz and Elmish. It demoes React components designed with Typesafe styling.
  • FSharp React Starter - A starter application with examples of common architecture and testing patterns.
  • F# trivia game - A trivia game written in Fable + F# Azure Functions, deployed to Azure Static Web Apps
  • Bleeter - UI for GTA 5's microblogging site built using F# + Fable, React and Tailwind CSS


Learn what this awesome thing is.

Videos and podcasts

Watch great talks about Fable


Useful helpers to build apps.


Tools around Fable platform.

  • fable-loader - Fable loader for Webpack
  • ts2fable - Fable parser for Typescript declaration files
  • Online REPL - The Fable Online REPL
  • HTML to Elmish - Convert HTML snippets into code ready to be used in Elmish apps
  • JSON to Thoth - Convert JSON to F# code with Thoth decoders.
  • Femto - Femto is a CLI tool that automatically resolves npm packages used by Fable bindings


Editors to code with F#.


Fable templates to get up and running

Old (working only before Fable3)


Where to find help.

  • Gitter - Ask questions on fable gitter.
  • Slack - Join Official FSharp.org and Slack channel.

Built with Fable

Production application that built with Fable