Fable is a solution that lets you write JavaScript applications with F#, a functional programming language.

What is FSharp?

F# (pronounced f-sharp) is a strongly typed Functional programming language which offers many great features to build robust and maintable code such as:

  • Lightweight syntax. It's very easy to get started with the F# language and it's often easy to read code from other people as well.
  • Immutable by default, but mutable if needed so you can interop with your JavaScript codebase without any problem.
  • Rich types which let you represent easily your data or your domain.
  • Powerful pattern matching to define complex behaviors.
  • And so much more...

F# is used in fields like Data Science, Machine learning, Cloud Programming, Financial Computing and much more.

Why use F# for your next JavaScript project?

After years of using JavaScript and OOP languages we felt it was a good time to use a mature language like F# to reduce the overall number of bugs in our applications, especially runtime bugs and thus build more robust applications.

The fact that F# is a language of choice to capture complex business models appeared to us to be a good fit to enhance code readability and lessen maintenance problems.

So we built Fable, with the desire of giving everyone the best of these two worlds. We now offer you the ability to access the whole JS world from F#.