Welcome to JavaScript!


We're happy you decided to try Fable which is basically F# transpiled to JavaScript.

Since it's F# you probably wonder how Fable interacts with your .NET environment. Let's see:

  1. Fable projects use standard .fsproj project files (which can also be part of .sln solutions) or .fsx scripts
  2. You can use well-known .NET/F# tools like NuGet, Paket or Fake
  3. You can use any F# editor like Visual Studio, Ionide or Rider.
  4. Many classes from the System namespace have been mapped to Fable: DateTime, Math, String, Collections, etc...
  5. Most of FSharp.Core is also supported, check the ".NET and F# Compatibility" section.

The main limitation is Fable is only compatible with libraries that are prepared to target Fable. Please check the "Author a Fable library" section.