To get started with Fable, you will need a couple of things installed on your machine.

  • Node
  • Yarn
  • Dotnet SDK
    • Recommended version: 1.0.4
  • IDE


Node is a JavaScript runtime. That means Node to JavaScript is what .NET is to F#. Node is central to the JavaScript ecosystem. You can install Node from the official website. You need it because Fable has dependencies that run on Node. Other than that, you could compile your F# code and run it yourself using Node.


Although npm (Node Package Manager) is the default dependency manager for JavaScript, we recommend (and use) yarn instead. The difference between yarn and npm is that yarn uses lock files when installing dependencies. When someone else is installing dependencies with that same lock file present, yarn makes sure the exact same versions of the libraries and their (transitive) dependencies are installed, leading to reproducible builds on different machines.

Dotnet SDK

Recommended version: 1.0.4

Fable integrates with the latest dotnet project format provided by the dotnet sdk. You will use the dotnet CLI for Fable project management (referencing projects, adding projects to a solution etc.) and for Fable library management as facilitated by Paket to manage your dependencies and to build and publish Fable libraries yourself.

Although is not a Fable requirement, on macOS and Linux you'll need Mono for other F# tooling like Paket or editor support.


You can use any F# compatible IDE, for example:

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