Fable documentation

Learn about how Fable works & how to use it

The following documentation pages are generated from the docs pages in the Fable repository on GitHub. Is anything unclear or missing? Help us make Fable better by contributing!

Compiling to JavaScript

Start here! The page covers all you need to get started with Fable. This includes the fable command parameters, fableconfig.json file, using Fable through Polyfill, modules, debugging, testing and more.

F# language and library compatibility

Provides details about the compatibility. This page explains how are primitive F# and CLR types compiled to JavaScript, which F# and CLR classes are supported and how they are translated.

Interacting with JavaScript

How to call JavaScript libraries? With Fable, you can use the dynamic operator and write jsObject?foo, you can use the Emit attribute, or define a foreign interface. There are a couple of special attributes too. Learn more here!

Fable architecture

Is it very easy to add features to Fable using plugins. The best example is the plugin to transform NUnit tests into Mocha. In order to understand the plugin system we'll review briefly how Fable works.

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